At European Wood Company we thrive on bringing the best quality product with the lowest possible pricing. From the French Forest to your home, we follow production every inch of the way. We use the best products to create the perfect look for our clients. We want you to fall in love with our unique pieces and become a proud owner of European Wood Floors.

Our Story

We believe each piece of wood has its own story. Our story begins with the selection of materials in the European Woodlands. Each piece of lumber has unique characteristics that are hand-chosen by our design team. The designers invest themselves in crafting them into various cuts, colour and styles for the perfect piece of home decor. When you purchase our services you can see and feel the story it entails. We want to help build your home with flooring that is durable and high in appeal.

Our Products

Authentically Made | Hand-Picked | Timeless


Made from the best multi-ply substrate in the world. Check out what makes our wood better than the rest.


Cut from an Ethically sourced forest in France Our Wood is made to last.


Our reclaimed french oak comes from wood doors reclaimed from barn houses up to 400 years old.


Check out our custom stair treads, vents, and more.

Pre-Finished Collection

Our prefinished flooring collections are made available so that you can have exquisite flooring without the wait and hassle.

Monet Collection

Degas Collection

Klein Collection



Check out some of our recently finished projects

Our Blog

On our Blog you can find helpful solutions to everyday questions you may have about our wood floors

Beautiful Wood Flooring – European Wood Company

Enduring Wood Flooring for Elegant Interior

Installing a new floor may sound expensive. However, you don’t always have to make a hole in your pocket when it comes to upgrading your home’s look with wood flooring in the USA. If you are in a mood for starting a home improvement project, you will definitely undertake the idea of installing a new floor. With so many choices, to begin with, you would like to go for hardwood, engineered wood, and vinyl. No matter what you choose, European Wood Company will serve you with all.

We are emerging as a reputed European wood company in the USA that ensures a hassle-free floor installation. We understand that budget is among the major factors that influence your decision apart from sunlight, foot traffic, wear, and tear that your flooring may endure. We are here to make home decorating challenges easier to tackle for all. We are providing a lot of different flooring options that are easy on your pocket and suit your styles.

We ensure you get the best flooring solutions on our website that will work in any space of your home. We have flooring options that fit your space, choice, and budget. Our team specializes in assisting you to attract a wealth of pleasure and pleasing visual appeal to your home. With exceptional benefits, our flooring solutions will serve quality and save you money ahead of the time. The best flooring in the USA that we provide has gained prominence in the market for its worth, style, durability, and costs.

We Consider Your Specific Requirements

No one type of flooring is ideal for every individual. It’s not about a one-size-fits-all approach, as everyone has unique taste, styles, and budget. We consider your specific requirements to make sure you get ideal flooring solutions that give a warm and classic look to your home. Even if we have several types of popular flooring options for you, we strive to bring the one that fits your flooring ideas and works best for you. From simple to exotic varieties, we provide a kind of flooring option that is meant for you.

We are providing prefinished hardwood flooring in the USA enhances the visual appeal of your space and fits your budget. The flooring solutions we have reflect durability and hardness to suit your expectations and styles. With decades of experience and expertise, we have an excellent understanding of which types of flooring solutions will work for you. We are supplying excellent flooring options that work well for you and ensure satisfaction.

We always keep our focus on various factors such as competitive prices, quality control, and delivery on time. Our reliable and trustworthy collection of wood flooring is conveniently accessible. You can shop for refinishing wood floors online in the USA and give your home an inviting look. These durable flooring options will fill up the pores with a decorative layer of engineered products and create a dense surface that always keeps your mind calm. Creating coziness at home is never a challenging task if you choose the best flooring solutions.

Whatever your flooring needs may be, you will definitely find a great surface solution in no time. We are available round-the-clock to assist you to make the best possible efforts to create a comfortable ambiance in your home. Whether it is your bedroom or bathroom, we always bring you ideal flooring solutions that define your style and choice. For home décor, we bring flooring options that support your residential and commercial application needs. Browse through our collection of wood flooring options and pick one that complements your styles and mood.